Damascene templates

Figure 1. Damascene templates: a) A schematic of a conventional wire template used for electrophoretic assembly. In these templates nanowire
are connected to a micrometer scale electrodes, which are in turn connected, to a large metal pad through which the potential is applied. b) SEM
images of a typical nanoparticle assembly result obtained for confi guration shown in (a). c) A schematic of a Damascene template where all of the
wires (nano- or micrometer scale) and the metal pad are connected to a conductive fi lm underneath the insulating fi lm. d) A schematic of Damascene
template fabrication. Inset is artifi cially colored cross-sectional SEM image showing the metal nanowires to be at the same height as that of the SiO 2
and showing the conductive fi lm underneath the insulator. e) An optical image of a 3 inch Damascene template.