Offset printing

Figure 2. Offset printing: a) A schematic of the nanoscale offset printing approach. The insulating (SiO 2 ) surface of the Damascene template is
selectively coated with a hydrophobic SAM (OTS). Using electrophoresis, nanomaterials are assembled on the conductive patterns of the Damascene
template (“inking”), which are then transferred to a recipient substrate (“printing”). After the transfer, the template is ready for the next assembly
and transfer cycle. b) SEM image of 50 nm PSL particles assembly with high density on 1 µm wide electrodes. c) Silica particles (20 nm) assembly on
crossbar 2D patterns demonstrating the versatility of the Damascene template. Inset fi gure is a high-resolution image of assembled silica particles.
d) SEM image of assembled SWNTs on micrometer scale patterns. e) MWNTs assembled on 100 µm features. f) Cellulose assembled on 2 µm electrodes. g) SWNTs assembled in cross bar architecture patterns. h) Flexible devices with array of transferred SWNTs and metal electrodes (printed on
PEN). Inset is the microscopy image of two electropads and transferred SWNTs on PEN fi lm.