Jewelry Casting

Flow Science’s metal casting software, FLOW-3D Cast, allows engineers to explore and optimize foundry design concepts quickly and efficiently. A wide spectrum of foundry processes can be modeled and optimized using FLOW-3D Cast including casting of precious metals in order to make jewelry. In the jewelry industry, where perfection is key, FLOW-3D Cast’s highly accurate filling and solidification simulations predict critical casting defects including surface oxides, air entrainment, shrinkage, and porosity. Flow Science’s team of highly experienced technical support engineers prides itself on offering comprehensive trainings as well as same day, expert support by phone, email and live chat for the metal casting industry.

Centrifugal Casting of a Jewelry Ring Tree

FLOW-3D Cast simulation of centrifugal casting with non-inertial reference frame motion on the top and stationary motion on the bottom left.

Gravity Pour Ring Casting

Gravity casting of a jewelry tree containing 2 rings. Fluid is injected into the tree in an asymmetrical manner – the center of inflow source is offset the center of the crucible.

Single Ring Centrifugal Casting

A single platinum ring was centrifugally cast using FLOW-3D Cast. Form filling, a critical step in the casting process, is simulated in fine detail, where the casting engineer can look at possible surface defects, air entrainment and fill temperature of the cast ring.